Executive Summary: Enneagram Types in the Workplace


A comprehensive, yet easy to read 39-page summary of how the Enneagram Types show up in the workplace. The Executive Summary is a wirebound workbook that gives you all the information you will need to understand the key traits and work preferences of the nine Types in one place. If you want to understand your peers, bosses, and direct reports quickly and easily, you will want to have this reference tool readily available at your desk.

For each of the nine Enneagram Types, includes sections on:

  • Typical Characteristics: how to tell which Enneagram Type you are
  • Superpowers: what each Type is particularly good at in the workplace
  • Liabilities: what happens when each Type’s superpower gets overused
  • Pet Peeves: common triggers that effect each Type
  • Gifts: what’s great about working with healthy people of each Type
  • Challenges: what can be hard about working with people of each Type

Wirebound Workbook (39 pages)

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