Resources Kit: All 3 Workbooks + 11 Type Tools

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What’s in your full Resources Kit? Everything you need to know about the nine personality types across different leadership competencies.

Our Workbooks provide well-designed, concise bullet points that help you “bottom-line” key aspects of the Enneagram types, subtypes, and growth paths of the different personalities—quickly and efficiently. The Resources Kit includes all 3 Enneagram Workbooks:

Plus a complete reference set of all 11 Enneagram Type Tools that feature illuminating models to clarify how to approach common leadership and business challenges:

  1. Blind Spots: Healthy Integration with the 9 Enneagram Types
  2. Building Trust with Each of the 9 Enneagram Types
  3. Clear Communication Across All Enneagram Types
  4. Coaching and Inspiring Others by Enneagram Type
  5. Conflict Resolution: Understanding Type Triggers
  6. Delegation and the 9 Enneagram Types
  7. Effective Feedback with the Enneagram
  8. Executive Presence and the 9 Enneagram Types
  9. Optimizing Meetings: Collaborating Effectively by Enneagram Type
  10. Resilience and the 9 Enneagram Types
  11. Strategies for the Effective Influencer by Enneagram Type

Three (3) Wirebound Workbooks + Eleven (11) Trifold Cards

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Dimensions 14 × 8.5 in