Blind Spots: Healthy Integration with the 9 Enneagram Types


We all have blind spots that curtail our ability to lead effectively. But how do we discover what we can’t see about ourselves? This handy tool helps you identify and integrate blind spots by Enneagram Type—aspects of your personality style that you may not see but can create challenges for you to the extent they remain blind. This Types Tool is a fascinating reference card that will illuminate the unconscious and potentially destructive blind spots that impact our interactions with others.

Use this Enneagram Type Tool as a reference guide to:

  • Identify blind spots that each Type doesn’t see in themselves
  • Reveal clues about how to integrate and mitigate blind spots for each Type
  • Understand the positive impact for each Type when blind spots are integrated
  • Apply the Johari Window model as a context for understanding blind spots

Trifold Card

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