Coaching and Inspiring Others by Enneagram Type


The best leaders know that strong coaching skills are central to their ability to grow their team. But what is the best way to coach them? What do you need to pay attention to when playing the role of coach with people who have a different Enneagram Type than yours? This reference tool helps you understand how to improve your coaching skills while motivating and inspiring your team according to their Enneagram Types.

Use this Enneagram Type Tool as a reference guide to:

  • Learn a powerful methodology about how to LEAD as a coach
  • Harness your Type’s strengths and mitigate challenges when coaching others
  • Identify specific coaching strategies customized for the nine Types
  • Be mindful of what each Type finds motivating and inspiring
  • Steer clear of potential obstacles and trouble spots when coaching each Type
  • Effectively support each Type’s success

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