Optimizing Meetings: Collaborating Effectively by Enneagram Type


Most people spend more of their working hours in meetings than working independently. Sadly, all too often, meeting time is wasted and unproductive. To optimize meeting effectiveness, this tool helps you learn, based on your Enneagram Type, what you do that enhances the meeting productivity or detracts from it. By consciously expressing strengths and being mindful of derailing behaviors, executives can turn meeting collaboration from a frustrating experience into a gratifying one.

Use this Enneagram Type Tool as a reference guide to:

  • Determine how different personalities influence the ability to collaborate effectively
  • Understand each Type’s meeting participation strengths
  • Become aware of how each Type may derail a meeting
  • Encourage areas for growth in meeting effectiveness by Type
  • Listen and participate to bring out the best in the everyone when collaborating

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