Conflict Resolution: Understanding Type Triggers


Productive conflict can help a company innovate and evolve. Unproductive conflict can stagnate projects and create an unnecessary emotional toll. How do you as a leader understand how to deal with conflict constructively when it arises? Each of the 9 Enneagram Types handles conflict in a different way—and knowing the secrets to shift unproductive conflict with those who are a different Type can make all the difference. This tool helps leaders and coaches recognize the sources of conflict for each Type and how to handle it skillfully and efficiently.

Use this Enneagram Type Tool as a reference guide to:

  • Become aware of common conflict triggers for each Type
  • Understand the natural strengths that each Type brings to dealing with conflict
  • Learn about areas of development for each Type when it comes to conflict
  • Identify what others should remember when having conflict with a person of each Type
  • Create a path to having more creative and mutually satisfying conversations

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