Achieving Growth @ Work


The best leaders know that even when you are at the top of your field, there’s always room to grow. The gift of the Enneagram model is that it clearly delineates specific paths of growth for your Type—including increasing awareness within your Type’s perspective as well as through integrating the arrow-line points and wing styles. This Workbook helps you leverage this framework as a growth tool to develop highly self-aware leaders and a more conscious workforce. As a result, you and your colleagues will be richly rewarded with improved trust, teamwork, and exceptional leadership in the workplace.

For each of the nine Enneagram Types, includes sections on:

  • Self-awareness: typical patterns at low, average, and high levels of self-development for each type
  • Enneagram-based opportunities for conscious growth
  • Actionable growth tips to achieve more balance and wholeness
  • Wing points to provide more gentle developmental steps
  • Arrow-line points to provide more radical developmental movements

Wirebound Workbook (11 pages)

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