Tools for Leadership Development

Easy to Understand and Implement
Easy to Understand and Implement
Packed with accessible information, our workbooks and reference guide “Type Tools” help you apply the insights of the Enneagram to help you better understand yourself and the motivations and working style of your colleagues.
Unique and Actionable Tools
Unique and Actionable Tools
Integrating core leadership competencies with the most up-to-date and authoritative descriptions of the Enneagram, we’ve developed a format you can readily put to work to improve emotional intelligence and fuel executive and team development.
Clear and Concise
Clear and Concise
Succinct and well-organized information that clarifies different personality styles in a way that will help leaders make sense of interpersonal interactions, creating a more conscious and effective workforce.
Executive Summary Workbook The Enneagram Types in the Workplace

For each of the nine Enneagram personality types, this comprehensive 39-page Executive Summary provides detailed insights on:

  • Typical Characteristics: how to tell which Enneagram Type you are
  • Superpowers: what each Type is particularly good at in the workplace
  • Liabilities: what happens when each Type’s superpower gets overused
  • Pet Peeves: common triggers that effect each Type
  • Gifts: what’s great about working with healthy people of each Type
  • Challenges: what can be hard about working with people of each Type
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Our Mission

To translate the powerful insights conveyed by the Enneagram into readily actionable, easy-to-use tools to support leadership, team, and organization development success.

We provide business leaders, coaches, consultants, HR professionals, and managers with high-quality, concise insights that accelerate the development and growth of leaders and their teams.